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silent [but] LOUD graphics

a picture is worth a thousand words...

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welcome to neuro_toxicated's image journal!
this is nasiki's image journal, which has everything from icons to wallpapers. anyone is welcome to use any image- of course, for non-profit use, as i do not own these images or the brushes in the first place.

requests are always accepted!

browse! i hope you find something you enjoy! all entries are organized in the memories, and my tags are pretty swell.
my style
everyone has their own style, i prefer the grunge & colorful looks, so i will end up experimenting with those most often. that doesn't mean it's the only style you will find here, i am pretty versatile. also, if you post a request i will make the image in your style, have no fear!
what programs am i using?
i am working with programs paint & psp x2 <--which i have only had for a few months- i am still trying to get the hang of it.

my brush/texture sources
melfina, twisted barfly, booo22, dark yarrow, illyera, renacido, ennife, amethystia, graphicquandary, meleada, distressedink, letmypidgeonsgo, creamuts, viciousgirl, zequins, strawberries007, perletwo...
please go here to see how to properly credit.
other links
thanks for visiting! <3